PSA 5.0.2 Patch Released!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Dan S., Sep 9, 2002.

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    This is a cumulative patch for all. It is strongly suggested that all 5.0.x users upgrade as soon as possible. As always, a backup is recommended before running any patch. The following is a list of items addressed in this upgrade:
    • New section of EULA added at the Companys website and in PSA v5.0
    • Data displaying format fixed for the traffic history pages
    • The build number is now substituted to the support request form.
    • Changing the protected directory name handled properly.
    • Removing the protectedstatus from a protected directory handled properly.
    • Time is logged correctly for the named log entries.
    • LOGROTATE problem fixed for upgrading RPM from version 2.5.x
    • Notification about domains is issued correctly to clients.
    • Server admin now receives the notification about problem domains.
    • Upgrade_history table is added the corresponding entries when upgrading from
      v5.0 to v5.0.1.
    • Changing the interface language handled properly.
    • All error logs for virtual hosts are rotated properly.
    • Entering the two-character state/province indication in lower case is valid.
    • Notification of exceeding the limited traffic/disk space is issued correctly
    • Selecting the user for receiving the notification about limits exceeded hand
      led properly.
    • Support of GD functions fixed.
    • "Log rotation period" field length limited to 8 symbols.
    • "Maximum number of log files" field length limited to 6 symbols.
    • The procedure of removing a domain when there exist corresponding subdomains

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