PSA 5.0.4 Released!

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    I am pleased to announce that the 5.0.4 patch has been released today for all supported distributions. This patch combines all of the previous hotfixes since 5.0.3, with several new security & bug fixes. This is a cummulative patch, so it contains all previous patches since 5.0.1. It is advised that ALL users upgrade.

    This patch is now available for download from our anonymous FTP, and will be uploaded to the web site later in the day.

    It should be noted that support will request that you upgrade to this version if you are running any other build of 5.0.x, before troubleshooting problems.

    What's new in Plesk Server Administrator v.5.0.4 build021223.16

    [-] Upper/lower case named entries collision bug fixed.
    [+] Ability to set up custom IPs for allowing DNS zones transfer added.
    [-] Statistics utility not finishing its work when there is a great number of domains bug fixed.
    [-] Inability to create a mailname identical to a mail alias at another domain eliminated.
    [-] ^M characters adding by FileManager bug fixed.
    [-] Incorrect changing of autoresponder reply frequency parameter bug fixed.
    [-] checkpw hanging when password contains "&" symbol bug fixed.
    [-] sleep() in logrotate removed.
    [*] Major security fixes.
    [*] MySQL version changed to 3.23.54 (security vulnerability fixed). This is for the standard build only. RPM users will need to upgrade MySQL packages as soon as RedHat releases them.
    [*] OpenSSL version changed to 0.9.6h.
    [-] Mailbox password check corrected to allow 5 symbol length.
    [+] new feature
    [-] bug fixed or removed
    [*] bug fixed and made better
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    new Plesk logo?

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