PSA 5.0.5 patch Released!

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    NEW PSA 5.0.5 Patch is Released

    February 11, 2003

    There are several security updates in this PSA 5.0.5 patch including a MySQL upgrade.

    It is highly recommended that you upgrade your software to this latest version.
    Please read the release notes before updating your software.

    You can download these patches on the website at

    If you need to set up custom IPs for allowing DNS zones transfer, you will have to add to the 'misc'
    table parameter DNS_Allow_Transfer% (where "%" is any letters or numbers) with selected IP as value:
    /usr/local/psa/mysql/bin/mysql -uadmin -p<admin password> psa -e "insert misc values ('DNS_Allow_TransferXX', '<IP address>')"
    Be careful in order not to corrupt named config with malformed IPs.

    Numbers of semaphores used by PSA since 5.0.1 version reduced by 2. If you experience troubles with shortage
    of semaphores with PSA 5.0 or earlier you can reboot your OS or stop PSA and remove all semaphores owned by
    psaadm after upgrade to PSA 5.0.5.

    What's new in Plesk Server Administrator v.5.0.5 build030207.15
    [-] Qmail occasionally stops without warning eliminated.
    [*] GB used instead of UK in accordance with certification authorities policy.
    [-] Problem with accessing MPC from PSA control panel eliminated.
    [-] HTTPS connection to webmail corrected
    [-] Fixed handling of Mail aliases when renaming mailnames
    [*] MySQL version changed to 3.23.55 (security vulnerability fixed)
    [*] Updated Security

    [+] new feature
    [-] bug fixed or removed
    [*] bug fixed and made better

    If you have any questions regarding these patches or would like Plesk to perform the upgrade for you please contact


    Todd L. Crumpler
    Plesk, Inc.

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