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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by cybertubby, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. cybertubby


    Hi, Folks,

    The following puzzle has just shown up.
    Suddenly the path \\.psf\Home is no longer valid,
    but voilá, the OSX home can now be accessed via the path \\.psf\ParallelsXPSharedDrive .

    Possible cause (or coincidence): I recently changed my OSX account to remove adminstrative permissions.
    Another possible cause: Suspending the VM, then waking it.

    I have lots of shortcuts-- I'd hate to have to recreate them all.
    Any suggestions?

    For extra credit:
    XP has its 'shortcuts', and OSX has its 'aliases'; does anyone know how to make one from the other? Or to 'run' aliases from XP or shortcuts from OSX? Not surprisingly, Wine does not work for the latter.
  2. cybertubby


    If you reboot the VM, then the \\.psf\Home folder reappears.
    Logging off/on is not good enough.

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