PSF Performance is really bad

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by joshv, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. joshv

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    My Guest frequently locks up on PSF access - oh, okay, after a couple of minutes is does usually unlock and proceed VERY slowly. I guess that is okay - unless of course if I am busy.

    Sometimes, it just never comes back, sometimes it is just ridiculously slow.... that is fun as well and also convenient.

    Guys, all I am trying to do here is unzip a file on a PSF, or edit a Word document. Nothing complicated.

    Version 1970, updated tools, etc....

    Performance has been like this since early betas and has not gotten better. Given that 1970 was an official update release, I was honestly expecting more.

    Sorry for the sarcasm, I am just frustrated. I am depending on this product now for my daily work activities and I am getting a bit intolerant of the PSF stuff. Is something going to be done here to make this better, please?
  2. NMistry73

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    I just posted a tread that sounds similar to what you are experiencing.. Are you mapping the PSF to a drive letter and accessing the files through the drive letter..?

  3. paco.blasco

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    And buggy....

    I'm sharing a folder where I have a Visual Studio 6 project.....
    If I try to compile over PSF I have a compiler error...
    If I try sharing through samba it works ok....
    I suppose there is a problem with the case letters...

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