pstopdffilter/pstocupsraster failed with err number -31000

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by HansAST, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. HansAST

    HansAST Bit poster

    This error has been around for ages. (V4, V5, V6) At least on my 3 Mac's. (Using Windows XP as the guest operating system)

    The FIRST print I do after starting the VM always produces this error..
    removing it from the print Q, and after that printing is fine.....

    Never really reported it, since the workaround is easy. However strange that this problem has not been reported as such earlier.

    The only reports I have seen refer to power cycling printers etc. However, I my case just removing the failing document resolves everything... May be been the solution for other users as well since power cycling may result in the same behaviour...

    I suggest Parallels to have a look at the initialization part of their printer driver.. Must be an issue there... Or maybe it is Windows XP Guest OS only..


  2. DouglasH

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    For me, deleting the document does nothing. Every time I print, the error appears...exactly as you describe. I am using an HP Officejet Pro 7590 and a MacBookPro 15.
  3. Jant1953

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    I just installed a new HP series 4500 Officejet printer. I am getting the pstopdffilter/pstocupsraster err #31000 whenever I try to print. I got this with my old printer, but after getting it once and deleting, the printer worked. Now, though, it doesn't do that...just keep getting the error everytime I try to print. It says the printer is Idle.

    What can I do?


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