Published App and Published Desktop on same server with same user

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by BBioL, Jul 20, 2022.

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    I am trying to create the configuration where I can connect to both the Published Desktop and a Published App on the same session host with the same user.
    Connecting works fine, but after a short while the desktop stops functioning properly. I can't open any apps or folders and I can't even log off. Apps that were already open still function, as well as the published app that is connected.
    The only way to solve this is to log off both sessions and connect to the desktop again. This issue can be reproduced.
    I'm using the Windows x64 client, and I am connecting to RAS 18.3.

    Is this configuration supposed to not work? Do I need to change some settings? Does this happen to anyone else?
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    Could you please elaborate on this?
    • Is there some sort of error message?
    • Is explorer/shell hanging on the published desktop side?
    • Is mouse input still working on explorer? What about keyboard input?
    • Does killing/restarting explorer from task manager (on the remote session) work?
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  4. BBioL

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    • No error messages appear that hint to the cause.
    • Explorer/shell isn't really hanging. Already opened folders or programs can be used. Some programs don't open without any message. Task manager and cmd show the following error message: No such interface supported.
    • So mouse and keyboard also still work.
    • Task manager cannot be started, see 2nd bullet.
    The issues seem to point to a problem with Windows Explorer.

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