.pvs file gone, .hdd file still there. What should I do?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by dutchkid, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. dutchkid

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    I used to run Parallels with a win xp virtual hd just fine... Today I noticed that the Win XP shortcut icon on my desktop had suddenly disappeared, and so had the shortcut to Parallels in the dock. When I tried to run Parallels I got the 'Install a OS' dialog. Fortunately, the winxp.hdd file is still there. There is, however, no .pvs file on my computer. I have no idea what happened here. :confused:
    When I doubleclick the winxp.hdd file Parallels returns an error (unable to open VM).

    So- is there any way I can recover my Win XP install? Any help would be appreciated. I'm running the latest version of OS X and Parallels 2.5 on a MacBook.
  2. jackybe67

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    You can try reinstall parallels. The winxp map is your windows install, so you wont lose that.

    After install everything should be normal. How .pvs got lost i don't know.

    The parallels icon you can find in " program's, parallels "
  3. dutchkid

    dutchkid Bit poster

    fixed, I think

    Thank you for replying. I tried that; didn't work. I have however solved the problem in the meantime, I think. I did this (for the record):
    I ran the hdd file through Transporter. Transporter seems to have copied the hdd to a new folder. It also generated a new .pvs file. I copied this file to the folder where my old hdd file was sitting, then doubleclicked it... and Win XP is working again :)
    Now I think I can safely delete the hdd file that was made by Transporter... right?
  4. wingdo

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    For future reference, the easiest way to solve this is to:

    1) From within Parallels click File -> new
    2) Choose 'Custom', then click next
    3) Pick the Proper OS type nd version, click next
    4) Set your memory and click next
    5) When asked about creating a VHD, choose 'use an existing hard disk image', click next
    6) Select your hdd file, click next

    Finish out the configuration as your needs dictate.

  5. dutchkid

    dutchkid Bit poster

    Thanks for your detailed explanation! I'll keep it in mind in case it happens again.
  6. Hugh Watkins

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    no not ever

    unless you have made a clone on an external hard disk

    I clone my VM once a week as a back up
    and save my work always in shared folders visible to the mac

    when I have destroyed a VM
    I can be back at work within miniutes

    then make a clone of the clone

    Hugh W

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