QNX and Parallels Workstation - a couple of bugs

Discussion in 'Other Guest OS Types Discussion' started by Mike Gorchak, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Mike Gorchak

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    I'm using trial version, no more than 30 minutes and found parallels completely unusable for running QNX as guest OS, and for other my guest OSes too. Parallels workstation looks like very rough software.

    My pretention to Parallels Workstation:
    1. If one CD-ROM only connected to VM (I used .iso image) placed into IDE 1:0 channel, Parallels BIOS do not handle it and cannot boot from it.
    2. If I press Ctrl-Alt-Shift, Parallels releases the keyboard and mouse from VM, but VM settings are set to handle Ctrl-Alt only without Shift. It is really annoying.
    3. Why I cannot use a real partition on my HDD ? Why I need to use HDD images only, which are incompatible with other Virtualization Software ?
    4. QNX 6.4 installation could see Hard Disk drive only and can't continue installation due to CD-ROM device (as IDE 0:1, pri slave, .iso image) absence. It is not detected. Why ?

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