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    Hello dear masters
    I had a few questions that I asked from now on, I did not answer the right answer. Thank you for your advice.

    1) Do you need to install the driver in the Parallels, such as boot camp?
    2) I want to get a 15-inch ME294 MacBook Pro, you know if Windows 8 drivers are working properly or not?
    3) In some forums about the overheating of the MacBook in Windows with the boot camp, are there any such problems in Parallels, because of the lack of drivers like the fan-driven one?
    4) In some forums, saying that the Windows Boot Camp may not work on touchpad gestures, are there any problems with Parallels?
    5) In the boot camp, where ssd is split into two drives, do I have access to the Boot Camp drive contents from within the Mac? I mean files like movies and photos, not windows files.
    6) I want to install graphics and maybe games on windows, in my opinion, do I have Windows boot cam or Parallels?
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    Hello John. The answers are below respectively:
    1) When you install Windows in Parallels virtual machine you also need a pack of drivers (called Parallels Tools) for it to work properly. Parallels Tools come together with the app.
    2) This MacBook is comparatively not old and is equipped with good hardware, so Windows 8 should work fine on it.
    3) When you work in Parallels Desktop you are, generally speaking, in Mac environment('cause Parallels Desktop is an app installed on macOS), so Mac is responsible for cooling and lack of fan drivers cannot be the case here.
    4) This is more the question to Microsoft, because macOS touchpad gestures are macOS feature, so if Windows itself doesn't "know" them it doesn't matter where it's installed - on the Boot Camp partition or in a virtual machine - it won't perform them until these gestures are implemented in Windows by its manufacturers.
    5) You can access Boot Camp files on macOS, but in read-only mode out of the box, not write to it. More info in this.
    6) It depends on the graphics and games you need. Generally, i7+SSD+16GB RAM is enough to run a virtual machine with not heavy graphics (for best performance only half of these resources should be given to the virtual machine). But if you need to get advantage of using the whole Mac resources and not less, Boot Camp based Windows should be used. On the other hand, if you are not going to overload your Windows installed on the Mac all the time, you can install it in Boot Camp for such occasions and along with that install a Parallels virtual machine using Boot Camp as its hard drive. In this case you will use all the Mac's resources in Windows when you need to perform some heavy duty task, while all the rest time you can work in macOS switching to Windows with a simple tree-finger swipe(same Windows will be working as a Parallels virtual machine):

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