Question about Windows 10 Update to Windows 11 (on M1 Mac)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by SWANDY, Oct 5, 2021.


    SWANDY Pro

    I currently have Windows 11 ARM (OS BUILD #22000194, VER# 21H2) running under Parallels 17.0.1). I assume this VM will not get any notifications for an upgrade to "Windows 11" because it is already Windows 11 and because of the M1 Apple Chip.
    I also still have a VM file for Windows 10 ARM (not sure which OS BUILD # as I have not opened it in a while.
    Neither of my VM Windows installations are Activated because my last license key is for the HOME version of Windows 10 not the PRO version (which to be honest I have no need for and prefer to purchase if necessary the HOME versions).
    My question is for those who are still running Windows 10 for ARM - have you received any update or notification to update to Windows 11? If so, is it the ARM version and was your VM of Windows 10 Activated? Because I might just try copying the VM file of Window 10 ARM back to my iMac and see what happens.

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