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    I'm trying to understand how shared networking is 'working' for me, ;-). So I can overcome my 'problems' ;-(.

    I have BackTrack2 final working through shared networking in Parallels 3.0 (4128) on a MPB CD. Whereby, in both OS's, OS X and Linux BT2 connect to the network fine. Either through the Airport or a DWL G122 dongle.

    The thing is even though I'm running wirelessly. BackTrack doesn't have a wireless interface. It seems to connect via an (virtual??) ethernet card to the Mac.... This is all fine and dandy just to surf etc but not really the aim of me installing BT2! ;-).

    Can anybody explain to me how it is working in the present case.?

    Obviously, I was pushing on and have installed wireless drivers for the dongle (which is RT73 I've tried most!). They compile and install in BT2. However still no wireless interface through to BT2??

    If I tell Parallels to connect through to the USB dongle. Then OSX will lose control of it, RESULT: No internet on OS X and BT2...... Bemused ;-(.

    any ideas to help my understanding of how it is working right now would be appreciated.

    (sorry folkes possibly in wrong forum; intended to put on Mac forum)
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