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  1. PatK1

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    Hey everyone,

    We are looking into PMM for our SCCM environment and managing our macs in the school district, and have run into some questions along the way. Most we have answered ourselves, but how hard is the PMM plugin to remove if we decide to no longer use PMM down the line? Is it a simple uninstall on the server SCCM resides?

  2. Ryan Morren

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    Hi PatK1,
    I am a third-party consultant for PMM and I've got to say it's not the cleanest uninstall method ever but it is possible, and pretty straight forward, to completely remove PMM and have the environment back to a state where it's like PMM had never been installed before.

    Natively, when you uninstall PMM from Programs and Features it only removes the services and the console extensions from SCCM whilst leaving behind the PMM_<SITE_CODE> SQL database and all the PMM config info (just in case you want to reinstall PMM later I guess - lol)

    I do have a script and a guide that Parallels developed for me after I raised a feature request to be able to completely remove PMM. They are looking at adding the ability to completely remove PMM during an uninstall to one of the future versions of PMM.


    Altiatech Ltd

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