Questions to understanding/installation/planning ?

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  1. andyLee


    Hello everybody,

    in our testsetup we have 2 Windows 2012 R2 Domain Controller, 2 MS RDS Hosts, 1 MS Licence Server (also IIS)
    an one machine as prefered 2X RAS Server.

    The 2X RAS Server is a AD member Server.

    For better understanding/installation/planning i have a few questions:

    1. To login in 2X Application Server Console, i have to use the local administrator account NOT "ADname\Administrator" ?!
    Why ?

    Which kind of server is for 2X RAS Server possible/recommended ? AD member or StandAlone/Workgroup ?
    I think AD member is correct.

    2. Which is the recommended setup for the 2X services ?
    All 2X services run on the 2X RAS Server.

    3. Is the MS RDS Broker also service necessary ?

    4. Are there any basic architecture sketch available ?

    Best regards & thank you very much

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