Quicken won't launch when clicking on Datafile

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by JoelA6, Feb 17, 2023.

  1. JoelA6

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    I have been experiencing an annoying issue for awhile and thought now is the time to get it resolved....

    When I launch the Quicken App directly, no problem. It launches, checks for updates and then opens my current data file.

    When I launch Quicken by double clicking on the data file, it fails to launch with an error "Unable to check for updates, the server file failed to load".

    Running macOS Monterey (12.6.3) on a MacStudio (M1Max)
    Windows 11 Insider Preview 22621.1 (ni_release)
    Parallels Version 18.1.1 (53328)

    Any assistance will be appreciated.


  2. JoelA6

    JoelA6 Bit poster

    Just noticed a Parallel upgrade, but Problem still occurs in Parallels Version 18.2.0 (53488).
    The problem above occurs when I am in Coherence mode. If I exit coherence and launch from the data file directly in Windows everything works correctly.
  3. Adeboye Adeotan

    Adeboye Adeotan Staff Member

    Hello JoelA6,

    To aid in troubleshooting this issue, kindly create a new virtual 11 machine using the Installation Assistant Wizard and test the Quicken App on it.

    Kindly follow the steps below to create a Windows 11 virtual machine on your MacBook.
    1. Launch Parallels Desktop.
    2. Click on the Parallels icon in the Mac menu bar > Control Center > click on the + sign on the top right corner of Control Center
    3. Wait for the installation assistant window to come up and select "Get Windows 11 from Microsoft".
    4. On the "Download and Install Windows 11" page, click the "Install Windows" button.
    5. Windows will begin downloading, wait for it to finish.
    6. Parallels Desktop Installation assistant will begin installing windows, please wait for the process to complete.
    7. When the installation is complete, you will be presented with the Microsoft EULA. Click I accept to complete the process.
    8. Install the Quicken app.
    9. Try to reproduce the issue.
    If the issue persists, please collect an additional technical report (Help > Send technical data > check "Attach screenshots..." > press Send Report) and send the report's 9-digit ID as a reply to this post.

    We will await your feedback.

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