Quit screwing over long time customers

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    I've been a customer and even beta tester since I think version 3 or so. Back in those days, those who beta tested and were actively helping got free keys for the full release. That disappeared a long time ago. No matter, almost every version since that went away (and I quit being an active beta tester), I've plunked down my $50 on new releases for a product I don't use all that often anymore, but need to keep because I have existing VM's that I use sometimes. Some new macOS feature will break my ability to use it and so I'll upgrade begrudgingly.

    Big Sur beta came out in early June. I upgraded and wasn't able to use my VM until some time was spent developing workarounds. At that point, I went ahead and upgraded to v15 on June 30th, thinking that since Big Sur was already in beta and I was buying so close to a new version, that I'd be able to upgrade to it. Nope, I see only people who bought it on Aug 1 or later qualify.

    Look, I'd rather pay a little money here and there for a superior product rather than using a free competing product, which I could have done and many do. I've been around using this product for a LONG time. I'm not exactly excited that I'm expected to pay another $50 to upgrade a product I bought less than 2 months ago, all things considered. And I'd probably keep paying and even using it more if you didn't also charge for Parallels Access. I guess it's time to move on and rebuild my VM using VirtualBox or the free version of VMWare if I can't figure out a way to migrate it. It used to be worth the upgrade cost to avoid having to do that, get active support, etc. Doesn't seem like that's the case any longer.


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