RAS HTML5 Gateway support SSO

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server Feature Suggestions' started by ThaiN, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. ThaiN

    ThaiN Bit Poster

    Hope RAS HTML5 support Single sign on SSO function.
    for example : we have own website with login function. RAS HTML5 Gateway does not require login to open remote app if we have login with our website before.
  2. ParallelsU188

    ParallelsU188 Bit Poster

    I have the same problem with this page and I used another form for login and it`s work okay. With old log in the form, we have many problems like no one cannot log in the account and some another bug. IDK why but that's real problems.
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  3. Eugene. K.

    Eugene. K. Parallels Team

    Hi, I'm glad to inform you that your RAS v17.1 provides SAML SSO capability
    Read more at https://www.parallels.com/products/ras/whats-new
    You can get the new version from parallels.com.
    Please let me know if this functionality suits your requirements.

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