RC2 Clipboard bug?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by game_hunter, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. game_hunter


    My wife and I use English and Chinese both on our Macs and on our virtual Windows machines but the clipboard integration of Parallels Desktop for Mac doesn't seem to be able to support anything but 1-byte characters. So, if I copy or cut Chinese text on the Mac and then hop into a Windows virtual machine I am unable to paste the text from the clipboard. I've tried the old 'Select All' and change the font trick and that won't do it. I think the clipboard is jumbling the text because it can't handle multi-byte characters. Does the clipboard use Unicode for transition?

    This might be minor for some but for us this renders Parallels useless because we can't work in both computers at once when that was the point of using an 80 dollar virtual machine rather than Apple's free dual boot option.

    Thanks for any fix or help with this.
  2. joem


    Ummm... Last I checked, clipboard copy and paste between OSX and bootcamp didn't work either. The clipboard won't survive a reboot.

    You can share a directory between OS's using networking and communicate that way.

    Of course an extension to the clipboard logic to handle unicode, and other formats would be welcome, and is probably on the roadmap somewhere.
  3. snit


    I do agree it would be nice to be able to cut and paste multi-byte characters. It'd also be cool if they could eventually do other common, well-typed stuff, like images, office documents, etc.
  4. hairyneanderthal


    I have found with Japanese that the clipboard with double-byte characters works Windows --> Mac but not the other way around...
  5. game_hunter



    The point was that the only reason for us to use a virtual machine at 80 USD over a free dual boot option was to allow both to exist beside each other and work in both simultaneously. If I can't do that there is no convenience achieved for my additional expenditure of 80 USD.



    I am another Parallels user annoyed by this "specification." My temporal solution to this problem is to cut or copy text one character longer on the OSX, then paste into Parallels. A garbled character at the end of text can be deleted manually.

    As an alternative solution, I sometimes use the MSN Messenger application to exchange text between XP and Apple Mac.

    I hope that Parallels will improve the feature as soon as possible.

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