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    I tested out the Parallels 2X client for connecting to a Remote Desktop Server (RDP) farm and ran into a problem.

    We have multiple RDP servers in a farm and the connection broker distributes the incoming connections to balance the load. I can see the 2X's initial connection work. Then the connection broker finds out which server the connection should go to and sends the server IP address information back to the 2X client. At this point, the connection will hang and eventually time out. This is what happens when the iOS device is on the Internet. If I connect the device to our internal WiFi network, then the connection works fine.

    What I think is happening is that the connection broker is returning 2 IP Addresses. The first IP address is an internal private IP address. So, when the device is on WiFi this works. When the device is off WiFi, the second IP address would work, but I'm thinking that the 2X client isn't trying it.

    This system set up does work with other RDP clients. So, it's not a simple case of a network or configuration error.

    Would it be possible for you to ping development and ask them if the 2X client supports the case when an RDP redirection returns 2 (or more) IP addresses?
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