Reactivated Hibernated Mavhine & Client Refuse To Connect

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Android' started by M__22, Mar 31, 2023.

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    AWS EC2 WIN 12 SERVER 2012-R2_RTM
    ANDROID -- Parallels Client 19.02 (newest)

    The client works with newly established machines & machines reconnect to the clientnwhen I keep them running.

    Repeatable, on multiple machines already -- when the machine(s) get hibernated & reactivated, AWS assigns them a new public IPv4+password, & these get copied over into the client (discard typos possibility). As mentioned, this is not a solitary machines issue, but repeatable no matter how many new machines I spawn. Also, enough time passed for a machine to reboot (rebooted & running overnight).

    The bottom line, credentials are defo all correct & machine us running: what's the resolution & where, Client or AWS?

    ERROR Feedback
    [0x4000000F] - The specified remote connection could not be found.
    Verify that you have typed the correct computer name or IP address, and then try to connect again.

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    Are you using Parallels RAS on the server or just RDP?
    If using only RDP, please make sure that the field that is being changed is the machine's server address, not the friendly name.
    Also, what are you doing to make the machine work again?
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    Obviously, you did not even read the post properly, as I clearly wrote that the required parameters have been copied in the field.

    Nonetheless, I solved it by finding out that my IP for some reason, although it does not change, does not get registered by AWS once the machine is stopped or hibernated + reactivated again -- where the machine's security groupis set to allow only my IP as an inbound rule .. changed that to any ...

    Irregardless, thanks for the reply.
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