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    I've been trying to create Windows7 guest OS on a Windows7 host and have come up with a particular problem for which I cant find any information. We are testing the various forms of virtualization Workstation Extreme offers, and we've gotten stuck on one of the options. The options that we are runnnign into problems is that of Real Disk.

    With the New Image and Existing Image the installation goes without problems, but with Real Disk, Windows will not install and throw and error during the start of the installation. (screenshot of the error below)

    CLICK for screenshot

    The error mentions a fault on the installation source, however the source works fine when installed with another virtualization option. Another interesting matter is the fact that I cannot format the drive that I chose previously for the installation during the installation process itself. The disk can be formatted from the host machine side and I can install the VM's in the disk using the other options.

    I would appreciate the help that can be provided. Thanks,

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