Reclaim disk space from command line (prlctl)

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    I have some VMs that balloon over time to consume terabytes of disk space, even though at the core, they are only a 60 to 150 GB. Some process causes runaway growth to the point that the VM consumes all the space on the physical drive it it hosted on, bring all the VMs on that drive to a stop. The only solution has been to manually check on the VM every week and if it is getting dangerously large, shut it down and use the Reclaim Disk Space... option in Parallels Desktop. If this step is overlooked, it can shut down all the system VMs we rely upon until enough space is freed up to shut them down and reclaim the space leeched by the runaway VM.

    I would like to be able to have a shell script run weekly to reclaim the disk space of this particular VM. All the other required commands are present in prlctl : shutdown, statup, clone, etc. I would be very helpful to be able to run the Reclaim Disk Space command from the same interface.
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    Can you, please, open your VM and send us Technical Data Report using this instruction,
    so that we can find out what precisely causes disk space consumption, and we can advise you on a targeted solution ?

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