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  1. Erkan(beqom)

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    First of all thanks for your extraordinary works to developing toolbox apps they are really good.
    I try to Record Screen but as you know there is only 1 "Record audio from" and when you select "Computer" (install additional driver) it only records to audios from the music player apps or computer. Not from my headphones Mic.

    I need to record both of them at the same time like Computer Audio and Microphone with simultaneously.

    For example I'm in a Web Meeting and I want to record Shared screen as video, but in the mean time I need to record organizer/presenter voice and my own voice via microphone.

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    I also would like to cast my vote for this feature, with the ability to pause recording and mute microphone during a recording session
  3. Alex Patsay

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    This is done in version 3.9 -- you can now choose two sources for audio.

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