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    I was able to use "Record Window" but it was capturing the audio from the microphone. When I changed the setting in Toolbox to use "Computer" it said I needed to install a driver and to click. After clicking it wanted me to reboot which I did. Now when I try to record anything I get a notification popup (attached) that comes up immediately and no recording takes place. If I change the setting to not record audio it works. As soon as I try to record with any kind of audio it fails. Is there anyway to fix this? Can I reinstall that audio driver?



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    to remove Parallels Audio driver you have to remove his folder
    - change 'Record audio from' option from 'Computer' to anything else in Record Window tool
    - open Finder, press Cmd + Shift + G and enter /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL
    - delete ParallelsToolboxAudio.driver folder (you need to enter admin credentials to delete this folder)
    - Relaunch Record Window tool

    Please let us know if it is not help.

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