Recycle bin & Trash - how to get it working

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by StephenR4, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. StephenR4

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    Can anyone help this newbie with a question regarding the Recycle bin and Trash can?
    It seems to me and the blurb suggests that if you are using any kind of folder sharing within the virtual windows enviroment deleting a file will remove it forever, it doesnt not and apparently cannot be moved into either the windows recycle bin or Mac trash first. This is a shortfall as far as I am concerned. Does windows have to be running without reference to any mac shared folders to use this feature.

    Thank you!

  2. bobbyt

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    On the windows side a shared folder is effectively a network drive.

    Now, on a windows based system there is no way to move s file on a network share to your recycle bin. Instead windows will simply delete the files all together. This isn't a limitation due to parallels, rather long standing windows functionality.

    So since shared folders are treated as network folders in a Windows VM, deleting a file off a share will delete it all together, as it would any file on a network share. You can move the file within the share, and you can copy the file from the share onto the VM hard drive. Once a local copy is made, that copy, like any other local file, can be moved into the recycle bin.
  3. LuisM4

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    Hi Bobby,

    The question is why parallels doesn't show to windows the shared folders as a "local drive" so widows acts as expected then. The integration of both OS are great with coherence but you tend to forget where you are working and is quite common to delete files in a windows app or explorer without realizing it won't have back side.


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