RedHat Linux: Wrong placement of external screen in virtual display

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    I have a recently installed RedHat-based distribution ("Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 (Maipo)") running under parallels (version 14.1.3 (45485) on a Mid 2015 Retina 15 inch MacBook Pro (with MacOS 10.14.5). Things seem to be working fine for the most part (e.g. parallels tools (version installation seems to have gone without issues) however I have a problem with the display geometry when an external screen is connected. This is the physical arrangement (excuse my limited ASCII-art abilities):
    |                                |
    |                                |  +-------------------+
    |     Large external monitor     |  |                   |
    |                                |  |    MacBook Pro    |
    |                                |  |                   |
    +--------------------------------+  +-------------------+
    The mouse cursor does correctly work on the aggregate desktop: i.e. stops at the left edge on the external display or the right edge on the MacBook display as well as correctly transitioning between the two displays (i.e. moving to the external monitor when it reaches the left side of the MacBook Pro and vice versa).

    *However* when I drag windows around it is obvious that the system thinks the MacBook Pro is left of the external display: e.g. partial windows appear on the left side of the external monitor when I drag them to the right side of the MacBook Pro, and when dragging them between the two displays the window is not visible on the other display until the mouse makes the transition (at which point it "jumps" over to the new display. Also application popup dialogs show up in the wrong place (e.g. not where their parent window is located).

    This is what xrandr reports:
    Which is incorrect, instead what it should report (which it actually does for an older Ubuntu VM (version 14.04) I also have (and which is running the exact same version of the parallels tools as the RedHat distribution):
    Both the Ubuntu and RedHat VMs are configured the same in parallels (e.g. use the same Full Screen settings (only "Use all displays in full screen" checked, and Scale to fit screen set to: Auto) as well as the same Graphics HW settings (512MB memory, Resolution: Scaled, 3D acceleration: off, only Vertical synchronization checked).

    I was wondering if anyone (including the Parallels team) has any ideas how I could fix my RedHat display issue (I'm not beyond messing with the parallels driver - as much as that might be possible - if that could help...)

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