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  1. LachlanW

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    Hi there,

    I am looking to test a new RDSH server we have just configured, but only on specific users.
    Could you please advise how I can do so through the Parallel's RAS Client? The users do not RDP directly into the server, only access their assigned Published apps via the installed client

    It seems by default, the RAS will load balance to any available RDSH server configured, but we want to disable this so that we can define which users should connect to which server.
    Does this involve additional gateways/policies?

    Lachlan W
  2. Eugene. K.

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    The best approach could be:
    1) Put publishings you want to control into an "administrative purposes" folder. These folders allow to mass manage publishings, they are not shown in the client themselves but all the application from them are.
    2) separate users into AD groups (one for the general public and another for test users)
    2) duplicate publishings into Test Apps folder and make it "Use for administrative purposes" too.
    3) configure User Filters publishings on both folders: one folder for general public group, another folder for test users group):
    that's it, you are done.
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