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    I am using Parallels client 16.2.1 (build 19171) from a MAC OS v10.11 connecting to a Windows 2012 server. On the MAC I have a USB printer installed (Brother HL-2070N). To get this to be available in the remote session I need to use the Microsoft Publisher Color Printer (Windows 2012). Other drivers available on the Parallels client will not allow redirected printing.

    Once I make the connection, forms will print bold, with larger fonts causing the right margin to print out of the paper margin range and cut off the rightmost 2 - 3 characters.

    Same printer from a Windows machine connected through the Microsoft RDP client (to the same session) will work fine.

    I have tried print scaling, embedding font, as well as all printer settings on the RDP session and none seems to make a difference to the print.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    @DennisL5 To get the printer working properly on the macOS when using plain RDP, you should install the printer driver on the RDP server. Once that is done you will be have to enter that driver's name under "Driver" on the client side (Connection settings -> Local Resources -> Printers -> Configure).

    If you have a RAS server available, printer configuration is performed automatically and on-the-fly without the need to install server-side drivers.
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    thank you for your answer ... i also have the same problem for brother mfc-7840w ..
    I have done all the tour and it works. thank you
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