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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by SistoZ, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. SistoZ

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    Hello to all,
    I know XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, but I use the Professional version with special professional applications, for my work every day.
    Now it happens that Windows XP, as it is typical, is degraded to the point that in addition to not working the WiFi NAT connection and other strage runtime errors, I can not even restart and I just can to use the sleep mode.
    If, for any reason I restart, the virtual machine will no longer work and hang in a subsequent restrart loop, finding unfixable errors on disk "C".
    The only way to recover its functionality is to restore the old previous version of the "virtual machine", using Time Machine.
    This penalizes me at every Parallels update that requires the reinstallation of "Parallels Tools" and then restarts the virtual machine.
    Now my question is: can I reinstall Windows XP ex novo, that is creating a new virtual machine, and importing from the current corrupted virtual machine, all except Windows XP?
    The problem is that many of the professional applications I've installed, require a license, and I do not really have time to reinstall them all and follow the procedure for retrieving and inserting licenses.
    I have tried in a thousand ways and with different tools to try to solve the question, but without any success.
    So any suggestion to solve the problem is extremely welcome.
  2. Ajith1

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    Hi SistoZ,
    If you create a new virtual machine, you have to reinstall applications again but the new virtual machine will be error free. If you wish to fix the errors in Windows XP, then you can mount the ISO and try to repair.

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