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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by maverick808, May 18, 2006.

  1. mmarionsd



    Did you do the "Install Parallels tools" bit again? If not.. do it. It'll update them from the pervious version to the new one. I was seeing the same thing as you until I just updated, now fullscreen switches res instead of just zooming.
  2. janiner


    Overall, this version is working much better for me. The suspend/network access issue seems to be gone, and the shared folders are still there and working after a suspend/resume.

    A few things I noticed:

    The first time I started up the VM after installing the upgrade, I got this message:

    The virtual machine being started is going to switch VMX mode on. Parallels Desktop has detected that VMX mode is already activated by another running application. If that application will stop VMX, the virtual machine may behave unpredictably.
    Click Ok to start the virtual machine with VMX support, or click Cancel and edit VT-x settings.

    And had to reboot OS X. This has happened to me with each upgrade so far.

    The "Click inside Guest OS console to capture input" message still doesn't' go away after you do as it commands.

    Each time I go to fullscreen and back again, windows on my OS X desktop have shrunk and/or moved around. Sometimes they are nearly off-screen.

    I'll add to this message if I find more.

  3. dan

    dan Bit Poster

    <shift><ctrl> is much better

    Under Windows the <ctrl> key is used to extend a selection in much the same way as the apple key on a Mac. If <ctrl>-click is used for right click, then you lose the extension of selection function.
  4. DrewDS


    Sound doesn't work anymore in RC. Worked perfectly from the beta it was released until beta 6.

    Says it couldnt write to sound device, using loopback device.
  5. iobuffa


    Bridged networking over Airport doesn't work for me anymore and it did in Beta6. It creates an issue with my DHCP server now which states that the IP address is already in use. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. jsolderitsch


    Can also run two Cisco VPN sessions concurrently

    My dhcp using bridged networking to default adapter continues to work for me with RC1.

    AND, RC1 fixes, for me at least, the suspend/resume problem I have with a Windows XP/SP2 VM with sound enabled. With betas 5 and 6, suspending and resuming would almost always lead to a hung VM with sound turned on. I wound up not using suspend and resume anymore in beta 6. With RC1, I have now suspended and resumed a few times with sound enabled and things continue to work.

    One glitch was after I suspended the VM and got back to the config screen I attempted to edit the VM. Parallels won't let you -- you get a dialog to that effect (which I had seen before) -- but now after I hit the Cancel button the Parallels Workstation app hung -- spinning beachball. I had to force-quit the Parallels Workstation app. This hadn't happened previously IIRC.

    And one more thing

    I am now able to run two CISCO VPN clients, one inside my host OS X 10.4.6 and one in my VM, simultaneously! Wasn't able to do that with beta 6.

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  7. rprather12


    Or, Shift/Control/Click works too!
  8. sgardner

    sgardner Bit Poster

    Yes I am having the exact same issue, I am running SuSE 10.1 as the guest, and I cant seem to get networking to work at all with DHCP or static address, using airport in host.
  9. mikeshappell


    Same problem here.
  10. klopf


    Garmin USB Still Broken

    Overall, RC seems much more stable to me. Great Work!!! However, I'm still unable to download maps to my Garmin GPS unit via USB. I'm using WinXP Home as Guest OS. I get a generic communication error message as the maps are downloading.
  11. Gerry


    I just did the upgrade w/out uninstalling and it replaced the previous Beta 6 just fine.

    NOT 2 versions lying around.
  12. mikeshappell


    In general, I like the improved performance of the new build. I see a few things that I thought might be worth a comment or two:

    1) The time it takes to get from the shutdown screen in Windows XP back to the VM config is much better. This use to take 10+ seconds in beta 6 and is now just a couple seconds in the RC. This is a nice improvement.

    2) The Windows XP shutdown screen (it is now safe to turn off your computer) is not properly shown. In both the beta and RC the screen is cut off at the top as if being shown in a smaller window.

    3) I love the look of the new installer. It has great graphics and a nice flow. Kudos to the folks that designed this component.

    4) I am not, however, in love with the new buttons on the config screen. I did not love the old ones, but found them preferable to the new ones. The dark gray, boxy buttons just doesn't feel very Mac like.

    5) The new dock icon is OK, but I actually think I like the older one better.

    6) A floppy drive is still present in the device manager of Windows XP, but unable to start. This is a bug I honestly did not expect to be fixed yet since it was just reported it a couple of days ago, but I wanted to let you know it is still present in the RC build. FYI, just for other folks, my VM configuration does not have a floppy drive installed.

    7) Switching to fullscreen mode appears to mess up my desktop window sizes/position. This is new in the RC (I believe, I'd have to reinstall beta 6 to verify). I am also unable to get full display resolution (e.g., 1440x900) when I switch to full screen even though I am using the latest tools. I get the windows resolution centered in the screen. This definitely use to work in the beta. This happens with fit guest checked and unchecked.

    Well this is a good start. I should have a chance to place with USB tomorrow and make sure that things are still working there.

  13. MacUser


    Still no 100% USB support

    All works wel with RC1 except USB.

    My Philips webcam SPC 300NC/00 is recognized by the system but there still is a "hardware failure". Philips drivers and video apps are installed but they report that the webcam is not attached. I hope this will be solved in the final version.

    Regards Wim.
    PS, I like the improved handling of screen resolution.
  14. xbrianskix


    Network issues & a suggested right click improvement

    Ditto what other folks have said about bridged networking not working (although, for me, it didn't work with Beta5 or 6 either). This is with airport, and trying to use airport for both mac and windows. VMWare does this stuff by default with NAT, and that has always been the most stable solution for me when I was using that... I'd love to see that implemented in parallels (it shouldn't be too hard).

    Also, I'm not a fan of the mouse right click change... I already need to do control-alt-fn-Fx (in order) to switch virtual consoles in linux, and shift-fn-up to do pageup... The reason I got a mac was so I wouldn't have to remember such horrible key sequences :) Perhaps a different meta key that isn't used by windows could be mapped to right click? Alt-click doesn't do anything special on windows or mac os x, so you could retain one-key+click right mouse button compatibility.

    Cheers & keep up the good work...
  15. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    You can use Ctrl-Shift-Click to emulate mouse right click. It was changed because Ctrl-Click is very important combination in guest Windows.
  16. Mickey

    Mickey Bit Poster


    Awesome update, particularly on the keyboard driver ! Congratulations!

    However, I still cannot access the @ and # symbols which are located on a key at the top left of a belgian Mac Book Pro keyboard (I get superscript 2 and 3 instead).
  17. luz


    Please don't hard-code such assumptions into the solution. It might help some users, and will inevitably annoy others (e.g. those used to Ctrl-Click for context menus). Even worse is the new RC1assumption that when I press Alt, I would want AltGR (Ctrl+RightAlt). What if I want to press just Alt?

    Please make it configurable (see Compared to the really complex virtualisation stuff you're doing so great with Parallels, this can't be that much of a problem to implement? A 8x8 matrix of flags... :) :)
  18. twynne

    twynne Kilo Poster

    I've had good luck this morning using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator [URL="
  19. Mickey

    Mickey Bit Poster

    Thanks, I just gave it a try, it's working like a charm.
  20. dpeck


    Blackberry Support and Display Issue

    I know that the Parallels team is still working on USB stuff, but I am curious if getting the Blackberry to work is on the list of items that will get completed prior to GA. Unfortunately, this is one of my significant needs for Windows. There appears to be no change in the RC related to this. Yes, I can sync to the Mac, but I cannot load apps or backup on the Mac side.

    One other issue has cropped up, and it may be something completely unrelated, but since installing RC, my MacBook Pro display will not turn itself back on after waking from sleep. The computer itself is on and running, but I can't see anything. Anyone else see this?

    Otherwise, I love it!

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