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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by maverick808, May 18, 2006.

  1. wesley


    While I fully agree that there should be an option for it, Andrew's assumption is not actually an assumption - that's how Windows really works. The way Parallels handled the key combo up to beta6 actually planted the wrong assumption in some users that in Windows, ctrl-click works like in OS X, which is not the case.

    The previous workaround of reassigning ctrl key to CMD key (which would be mapped to WIndows key inside Windows) using a Microsoft-supplied tool also have a problematic effect - Windows + (key) combo provides quick shortcuts to many of the Windows functions and being a frequent user of such combos as Win+E, Win+D, and Win+L, the 'sacrificing' of the Windows key had a crippling consequence, to a somewhat lesser extent than the 'missing' ctrl key.

    I know that some users have grown to the ctrl-clicking to bring up context menu, and in case of laptop users it's necessary to have a key combo open to emulate the right mouse button. The current Parallels compromise aims to prevent disruption of any Windows-indigenous modifier keys while providing a slightly different alternative for emulating the right mouse button - ctrl-shift-click. I think this should be left as the default option even when the GA gets an option to assign what key combo should be considered as a right mouse button click.
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    It was, however, the correct assumption in Virtual PC Mac, which is where many Parallels Desktop users are very probably coming from. This should be the default, and configurable.
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    The final release still can't handle my webcam :-(
    I hope the Parallels team will fix this soon.


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