Remote Application Server v17.0 (21475) Release Notes

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    Remote Application Server 17.0 (21475) - 02 September 2019
    RAS Core v17.0.1-21475
    • Improved: Increased the limit of connections to one RDSH server to 1000.
    • Improved: REST API documentation is updated with the information about required parameters.
    • Improved: Error message about an attempt to activate the farm with malformed license key is more descriptive.
    • Improved: Russian localization of UI.
    • Improved: "Successful login using RADIUS" message displayed on pre-logon screen removed.
    • Improved: Add checks to HALB configuration to ensure that virtual IP assigned cannot be the same of any devices used and vice versa
    • Fixed: It's not possible to publish Virtual Desktop if there are no RDSH servers registered in the farm.
    • Fixed: applications cannot be started in some scenarios.
    • Fixed: Printing from published application does not work after session reconnect if RDSH server was reinstalled remotely prior to that.
    • Fixed: New servers for RDSH/VDI group are not requested in some scenarios under high load.
    • Fixed: Switching preferred PA of VDI host in some scenarios leads to "Not Verified" state of VDI guest VMs and errors in logs.
    • Fixed: Firewall rules can be deleted on remote upgrade of Publishing Agents or RDSH agents causing agents to be not verified.
    • Fixed: Clicking Help in Site Defaults for the Publishing Page causes crash of RAS management console application.
    • Fixed: Disconnect, Log off, Send message actions called in process manager cause no action.
    • Fixed: Hyper-V Cluster VMs live migration causes guest VM to go offline if it's located on Cluster Shared Volumes.
    • Fixed: RAS management console crashes on Test Template Wizard completion in some scenarios.
    • Fixed: VDI - When vCenter based VDI host is registered in RAS Farm using limitation to resource pool, RAS template VM appears as "Not Verified" or "Not Exist" after the restart of VDI agent.
    • Fixed: Promotion of secondary Publishing Agent to master Publishing Agent could fail in some scenarios.
    • Fixed: VDI - after the controller is rebooted, VDI status of VDI guest VM is reported as "Not Verified" even though guest VM is available and able to accept users' connections.
    • Fixed: On direct upgrade from RAS 16.2.1 or 16.2.2 or 16.2.3 to RAS 17.0 names of published items' in the RAS management console can be lost.
    • Fixed: Publishing applications of type "Installed Applications", will not be published under the selected folder, instead are published in the root folder.
    • Fixed: VDI - VDI guests are not recreated when using VMware ESXi or vCenter and dedicated VDI agent (VDI appliance).
    • Fixed: RAS management console - Sites tab returns "Failed due to insufficient permissions" when the custom admin doesn't have modify permissions on the current site.
    • Fixed: When a standby Publishing Agent is promoted to master, promotion works as expected but the Publishing Agent is still marked as standby.
    • Fixed: Power Admin without Allow Session Management permissions can see list of sessions in status information page.
    • Fixed: Grace period is not activated when usage count exceeds the licensed amount for prepaid licenses.
    • Fixed: VDI - user name disappears if session state changes to disconnected on the Desktop Tab in RAS management console.
    • Fixed: VMs created from the template of RDSH type can be shown in Desktops tab of RAS management console.
    • Fixed: VDI - in some scenarios persistent assignment of VM to user can be lost if VM is not used for several hours.
    • Fixed: Publishing Agent crashes in some scenarios when the farm includes 3 Publishing Agents and there is VDI used in this farm.
    • Fixed: RAS management console might crash on making a persistent assignment while desktops list is being populated.
    • Fixed: VDI - Upgrade Template would create new VMs rather then create existing VMs in some scenarios in multi Publishing Agents environments.
    • Fixed: RAS management console throws an error "Failed to process VDI action ... " when changing properties of the VDI hosts based on Microsoft Hyper-V.
    • Fixed: License information loading could fail in some scenarios in virtual environments (when node is up but network interface driver is not yet operational).
    • Fixed: Browsing of domains in Connection category of RAS management console does not work in some scenarios.
    • Fixed: VDI - Desktop disappears from 'Desktops' tab and 'Template guest vms list' right after creation in some scenarios when Citrix Xenserver. Guest VM stays untouched.
    • Fixed: VDI - 2 guests from different VDI pools or from VDI template and VDI pool cannot be assigned to the same user.
    • Fixed: Windows start menu icon overlays Parallels Logo in desktop replacement mode.
    • Fixed: VDI - Guest VMs created from RDSH template can still be added to VDI pool when "All guest VMs from host" rule is used.
    • Fixed: VDI - Guest VMs which are set up to shutdown on disconnect are turned off even after subsequent connections in some scenarios.
    • Fixed: Redirection of 'Generic / Text Only' printer fails in some environments with error message in log file devredir.log "Failed to open printer 'Generic / Text Only for ras-user-1 by Parallels' (Access is denied. [0x00000005])".
    • Fixed: VDI - User is not removed from local admins group without recreation of VM when "Template properties > Security > Local admin permissions > Launch desktop > Verify user added to group" is set.
    • Fixed: Registration of DualShield Server from RAS management console returns an error when the RAS management console runs on Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019.
    • Fixed: VDI - VMware vCenter might fail to be registered in the RAS Farm when resource pools are used.
    • Fixed: Printer 'Samsung Network PC Fax' cannot be redirected.
    • Fixed: Disabled servers generate a warning message in log when RAS Farm settings are changed.
    • Fixed: VDI - some of guest VMs return "Failed to create" during mass recreate (on operations with more than hundred VMs).
    • Fixed: For some applications icon in a taskbar immediately disappears right after starting the application it. This leads to inability to restore the application after being minimized.
    • Fixed: The policy "Add RAS Connection Automatically when starting web or shortcut items" does not work in some scenarios.
    • Fixed: Report ID of "System report" is not shown in some scenarios.
    • Fixed: Template VM does not exit from maintenance mode in some scenarios when Microsoft Hyper-V is used.
    • Known issue: A schedule set to "disable" VDI host cannot be cancelled when secondary Publishing agent is the the preferred VDI host.
    • Known issue: On Citrix Hypervisor guest might not be allowed to start after a conversion back from VDI template. One may need to make a full copy of such a guest to make it runnable.
    HTML5 Gateway:
    • New: QR code support for Google Authenticator.
    • Improved: Multi factor authentication dialog window clearly displays Radius server messages.
    • Improved: The size of the QR code for Google Authentication increased for better readability.
    • Improved: Size of the RSA key for self signed certificate is of 2048 bit length by default.
    • Fixed: Summer Time correction is not applied.
    • Fixed: Changing the active directory password via HTML5Gateway on Internet Explorer 11 is not possible.
    • Fixed: When switching published desktop to full-screen, re-logon may fail due to incorrect domain details in some environments. This occurs in cases where "Force clients to use NetBIOS credentials" option is enabled.
    • Fixed: Maximized application window restores to normal size in HTML5 client when user switches to the Application launcher and back.
    RAS Web Console
    • Improved: Installation of RAS Web Admin Service now checks for KB2999226 being installed on Windows Server 2012 (which is necessary for RAS Web Admin Service to start).
    • Fixed: Several URLs lead to empty pages in some scenarios.
    • Fixed: Server→ Active Sessions link of Servers→Virtual Desktops page shows VDI host information instead of guest information.
    • Fixed: Values equal to zero are clickable under Server in Site view.
    • Fixed: Incorrect license usage information is shown to users who do not have permissions to access license usage information.
    HALB v17.0.1-21472
    • Improved: Linux kernel updated to the version 3.16.0-9-amd64.
    • Fixed: HALB does not send logs to RAS management console on request from the console.
    • Fixed: Certificate errors are shown in clients when SSL offloading mode is configured.
    RAS PowerShell and REST API v17.0.1-21475
    • Improved: PS - Set-RASAgentLogLevel help improved.
    • Improved: PS - Set-VDIGuestsDefaultSettings improved processing of invalid input.
    • Fixed: PS - Set-RDSScheduleDisable parameters check.
    • Fixed: PS - All Get commands using filter parameters with string should not be case sensitive.
    • Fixed: PS - In Get-RASLBSettings RepLB changed to Replicate.
    • Fixed: PS - Get/Set-RASLBSettings added missing Enable CPU load balancer.
    • Fixed: PS - Get-RASNotification, type Licence changed to License.
    • Fixed: REST API - Set-Site.
    • Fixed: PS - Get-SiteStatus returns no permissions for sites which admin actually has permissions to.

    Parallels Client (Windows) v17.0.1-21472

    • New: Added an ability to override credentials for all connections in an exported settings file using сommand line arguments.
    • Fixed: Shortcuts on the desktop (and in start menu) are not cleared when "Create shortcuts configured on server" is switched off and the listing is refreshed.
    • Fixed: Published desktop may launch in background of other previously opened maximized windows when "Always ask for credentials when starting applications" option is checked.
    • Fixed: Installing Parallels Client for Windows from generated Parallels Client package creates '.Ink' icon on desktop.
    • Fixed: Settings from .2xc file are not imported when installing Parallels Client for Windows using command prompt.
    • Fixed: Context menu is sometimes opened on right click after swapping mouse buttons.

    Parallels Client (Linux) v17.0.1-21474

    • Improved: Multi factor authentication dialog window clearly displays Radius server messages.
    • Fixed: Parallels Client does not redirect parallel port (LPT) properly on Ubuntu 16.04.
    • Fixed: Remote desktop window has no icon in the taskbar.
    • Fixed: SSO rpm package cannot be installed.
    • Fixed: When the published application is started, remote screen can be seen together with it some scenarios.
    • Fixed: Automatically created shortcuts to published applications might not be displayed correctly on a Linux desktop.
    • Fixed: Disconnect command might not disconnect a remote session.
    • Fixed: Published applications cannot be launched from a command line if only application name is specified in the parameters.

    Parallels Client (Mac) v17.0.1-21472

    • Improved: Multi factor authentication dialog window clearly displays Radius server messages.
    • Improved: Localization of UI.
    • Fixed: SmartCard certificates are not copied to Certificates Store for some smartcard readers models.
    • Fixed: SmartCard authentication error followed by removal of the card from the reader causes crash of the client application.
    • Fixed: Drag and drop fails in some scenarios when it's being used for several applications in one session.

    Parallels Client (iOS) v17.0.1-21448

    • Improved: Multi factor authentication dialog window clearly displays Radius server messages.
    • Fixed: Parallels Client doesn't provide options for selecting type of RADIUS OTP challenge.
    • Fixed: Parallels Client can show the content of another application or login screen belonging to the user while waiting for desktop timeout set in global policies.
    • Fixed: Dumbo mouse cursor locks up after several switches of applications in some scenarios.
    • Fixed: RTF formatting is not kept when copying text in an RTF format from published application session to local text editor.

    Parallels Client (Android) v17.0.1-21448

    • New: Added support of 64-bit architecture for ARM based devices.
    • Improved: Multi factor authentication dialog window clearly displays Radius server messages.
    • Fixed: RAS connection fails when VPN is used on Android 7 and Android 8 based devices.
    • Fixed: In some scenarios a published application can not be started using Parallels Client for Android.

    Parallels Client (Chrome App) v17.0.1-21472

    • Fixed: Summer Time correction is not applied.

    RAS Performance Monitor v17.0.1-21472

    • Fixed: Installation of RAS Performance Monitor to the folder different from default fails.

    RAS Reporting 17.0.1 (21474)

    • Minor fixes
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