renewed subscription - but PD14 keeps asking for activation code

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by hacki, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. hacki

    hacki Bit poster

    my PD Pro subscription just got renewed yesterday. As I saw PD14 has been released I updated.

    In PD's activation window I see 2 "available" licenses. One is a valid (which is correct). When I double-click that license, PD is about to get activated but complains about activating an upgrade-key(?). When I try to confirm with a previous key, PD / the license server rejects the "activation" key.

    I'm confused:
    - I bought a product key / license for PD12 Pro which is a subscription!?
    - I somehow canceled that subscription and started a new one about a year ago (to get PD13 Pro which was my fault but is correct)
    - yesterday my subscription was renewed...
    - do I have a subscription anyway?
    - are there product keys, activation keys AND upgrade keys?
    - the support documentation says I should have been emailed an "activation key" but I don't see activation keys anywhere!?

    Can anybody give me a hint what to do, in order to get PD14 Pro activated again?

    Thanks in advance & kind regards, Patrick
  2. Dmitry@Parallels

    Dmitry@Parallels Parallels Team

    Hi Patrick, you can manage your active subscriptions from your Parallels account. Visit > login > on Dashboard click on 'Active subscriptions and permanent licenses' under Parallels Desktop for Mac to review and manage your licenses.
    Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 01.57.48.png
    Currently you have two active subscriptions:
    - One is your subscription purchased originally in 2017 and renewed yesterday. Not activated
    - Another is a subscription purchased in November 2016 and renewed today. Activated on your Mac
  3. hacki

    hacki Bit poster

    Hi Dmitry, thanks for your answer!! I managed to activate PD Pro yesterday by reactivating my 'old' subscription for which I had to spend another €99,99 :(
    It's working now but I'm not amused at all because my auto-renewal for the 'newer' subscription cost me €49,99 and are lost now?! I guess it should never have worked for PD 13 Pro... but somehow it did?! Do you see any chance to get my €49,99 payment back? :-/
    Is it correct that the annual subscription costs €99,99 (I think it is)? I ask because I bought an 'upgrade' (12 -> 13) for annual €49,99. Should the upgrade work for more than the last 2 versions? I thought Pro subscriptions cost €99,99 anually.

    Sorry, if I'm not understanding the subscription / license model o_O

    Thanks for any clarification, Patrick

    PS: I think I ordered the upgrade subscription in the past because I thought I would then only spend 49.99 anually instead of 99.99, then I canceled the old subscription. Obviously this didn't work :-/
  4. Dmitry@Parallels

    Dmitry@Parallels Parallels Team

    I see, thank you. Better to deal with this situation via our traditional support channel, our team will contact you soon.

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