Repartitioning virtual HDD after importing Boot Camp Partition

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Scott Bass 123456, Jun 11, 2011.

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    Mac OS X 10.6.7
    Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac
    MacBook Pro, 500GB HD

    I did read the sticky post before posting this message, in particular, joevt's message at the top of the page. Hopefully my understanding of his post is correct, please see below.

    When I installed and configured Boot Camp, I accepted the defaults, so I have approx. 465GB for Mac OS X, and 32GB for Windows 7 in Boot Camp.

    I've imported my Boot Camp partition into a "normal" virtual machine, so Hard Disk 1 is pointing to "Imported My Boot Camp.hdd". However, I need more (virtual) hard disk space than the 32GB allocated in "Imported My Boot Camp.hdd". I suppose I could add a virtual D: hdd, but it gets messy with programs installed on both C: and D:.

    When I use Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Edition 6.0 to examine my virtual HHD from within Windows 7, it shows a 465GB hard disk, with 4 partitions, and the Windows partition "at the end" with 32GB.

    I assume the import process has partitioned the virtual disk to mimic the physical disk, but copied only the Windows partition (otherwise the virtual hdd would be much bigger).

    I also assume I can delete these other partitions in the virtual hdd and move/resize my Windows partition. IOW, there are no "pointers" back to the physical hard disk.

    Can someone confirm whether this understanding is correct?

    (Off topic): Finally, if I did want to resize my physical Boot Camp partition, can I do this with the native Disk Utility application?


  2. Scott Bass 123456

    Scott Bass 123456 Junior Member

    Does anyone from Parallels monitor these forums, or should I just open a support track for every minor question I have about Parallels?
  3. Scott Bass 123456

    Scott Bass 123456 Junior Member

    So I opened a support track with Parallels, and can confirm that re-partitioning the imported Boot Camp partition had no adverse effect on the physical hard disk (as I expected, but just wanted to be sure). I used MiniTool Partition Wizard to delete the empty partitions, then resize the Boot Camp partition to the full 465GB virtual disk size.

    IMO, importing the Boot Camp *partition* should only import the *partition*, not clone the entire physical hard disk. That is how other partitioning tools would do it.

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