Repeated kernel panics in macOS Monterey

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by DennisB15, Dec 6, 2022.

  1. DennisB15

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    Repeated kernel panics. Crashes when waking from sleep. I am using macOS Monterey. I have a Ventura virtual machine running in Parallels. I also updated Parallels to the most recent version. This kernel panic occurs when waking from sleep. Now probably the 7th or 8th kernel panic since this first started happening several months ago. Very much a pain to have these repeated Kernel Panics.

    Any ideas as to the cause?

    I have crash logs saved for review.
  2. DennisB15

    DennisB15 Bit poster

    More information: I use a MacBook Pro 16-inch, M1 Pro processor. The kernel panic is in Monterey waking from sleep, with the Ventura VM running in the background.
  3. KirkJ

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    This is late the game, but I wanted to add to this. For several years my Mac (from Big Sur forward to Ventura) I have suffered from seeming random kernel panics. For most of the time I assumed it was related to my 128GB after market RAM from crucial. However it seemed to go away completely after I recreated a Windows VM that was 8 years old. I recreated it fresh and the Kernal panics stopped. However, I think I uninstalled Parallels Toolbox around the same time (or did not reinstall after a Mac erase and restore).

    Fast forward to Sonoma. two weeks ago, I pulled the trigger and upgraded to Sonoma. Kernel Panics started happening right away; 3 times in the first 6 hours. after 6 more panics, sometimes immediately after a reboot, I took the iMac into the Genius Bar for a check up. They ran a hours worth of hardware and OS tests and everything came out clean. They said the only cause had to be 3rd party software. I came home, removed all non-apple start up software. Including Parallel tools (cannot remember when I installed it again), DropBox, OneDrive, and TeamViewer. The only thing I kept was Malwarebytes.

    No kernel panics for two days. I added back OneDrive and two days later still no panics. Today I am running my Parallels VM and am 6 hours in with no problems.

    I am starting to think that Parallels tools was the issue all along. So if you are still having the problem, you might try taking that out of your system and see if it stabilizes.
  4. SkyJ

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    It's great to hear that you were able to identify and potentially resolve the kernel panic issues on your Mac. Troubleshooting and eliminating third-party software conflicts can indeed be a crucial step in such situations.

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