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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Dominic Spitaler, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. AdgarH


    Is there anyway to permanently change the parallels 6 desktop icon? Everytime I change it, it changes to the original icon. I have even changed it in the resources folder, but nothing happens.
    It still reverts back to the worse looking icon on planet earth, in all of human history.
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  2. MauryP


    This Will Work - Promise

    Just bought Parallels yesterday and I already HATE the icon. Rather than looking how to fix this icon I researched out to change any icon in Mac OS X. This website gave me the perfect directions.

    First you have to download this image converter which was flawless:

    Next, this site will walk you through how to change the icon:

    This next link is simply the icon I used which I think is great:

    Hope it helps everyone.
  3. kane4lsu


    The solution that I am looking for has nothing to do with changing the actual dock icon. It has to do with changing the icon once the application is initiated. This is horrible and you should be able to change the stupid icon without having to go through this whole "rigamarole".

    Anybody can change an icon in Mac OS..........^^ idiot.
  4. bheiser1

    bheiser1 Bit Poster

    It is good that the icons are clearly identifiable

    It may be true that the current icons are less than ideal, because as someone said, two vertical red bars usually means "paused". On the other hand, I do like that they stand out so I can quickly & easily differentiate Parallels icons from any other OSX icons. So if they get changed I hope they maintain a clearly distinctive look...
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  5. Specimen

    Specimen Product Expert

    Just a small correction, two vertical bars means pause(d), stop(ed) would be a square.
  6. bheiser1

    bheiser1 Bit Poster

    Good catch -fixed :)
  7. WetFishDB


    13,000 views and no change since 2008

    Parallels, please take note.

    People are annoyed by your appalling dock icon, so much more than you realise. The demographic of people who use this product are people that care about FORM as well as function. This is one of the most viewed subjects on this part of the forum, yet nothing has been done to rectify this.

    Please, please, please - do something about your ugly dock icon. You have made it look rubbish and then made it nigh on impossible for anyone to change (unlike almost every other application I have installed ever). Crazy decision, and real lack of insight into the community using your product.

    This was raised by a user using Parallels 4. I'm using Parallels 8. And it's still a problem.
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  8. MichaelE

    MichaelE Bit Poster

    I have to agree with WetFishDB.
  9. UmangP

    UmangP Bit Poster


    I'm a Parallels 9 user, and now in Mid-2014 I am saying the same thing, please change the icon to something nice. Might as well get with the Yosemite theme in Parallels 10 which will no doubt come out later this year.



  10. AntoineG1

    AntoineG1 Bit Poster

    Can anyone tell me how to change that annoying Parallels Icon with Parallels 12?
    I don't have any "/Library/Parallels" directory (even with a ls -a in terminal).

    PS: I never had to change any of my dock icon, but this one is make me feel there is a problem with running VM even when there is no running VM...
  11. DheerajS


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  12. BrianD12

    BrianD12 Bit Poster

    Better late than never, but I found a way to do this in Parallels 15 after the documented way wouldn't work.

    The folder ~/Libary/Application Support/Parallels Desktop has one folder for each VM named with a unique id. Within each of those folders is an app file named after the VM. In Finder, you can right-click on the app file and Show Package Contents. From there Contents/Resources has a file named WinAppHelper.icns. Replace that file with your own icons file (keeping the name), close and re-open the VM, and the dock should show the new icon. Note: if you have already replaced the icon the documented way via Get Info, you need to go back to Get Info, click on the icon, and hit backspace to revert it to the default which is now the one you chose.
  13. Dean Herbert

    Dean Herbert Bit Poster

    @BrainD12 thanks for keeping the dream alive ;)
  14. Anvarj


    Yes Please change the icon. The double red lines on my Mac status bar looks like something is wrong or like the pause icon of a media player. Please fix this. I mean, I can bear the lines if they aren't in red color. The red color punches on my face.
  15. LloydL1

    LloydL1 Bit Poster

    This is the first method that actually has worked! Thank you Brian!

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