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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by socram, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. socram

    socram Guest

    Hello friends,
    I will to add proxy support for 2X Application server Client, it will be possible??
  2. nixu

    nixu Guest

    Hi there,

    The 2X Client Application Gateway does that functionality.

    Install that component on the Proxy machine together with the console and from the console: section Connection settings, Connection

    set the
    2X Client Gateway Port, and in the advanced set the location of the 2X Publishing Agent.

    Note in a scenario you can have multiple 2X Client Gateways pointing to the same 2X Publishing Agent.

  3. socram

    socram Guest

    Dear Nixu,
    Perhaps I don't explain clairly.

    Proxy Server

    When a user want to connect to 2X Application Server but the user is behind of proxy, and the proxy as then only host that permissions to go to Internet, the 2X Client doesn't work.

    There Is more interesting because more mobile user, can connect to 2X Aplication Server in any place.

    In my current work, noody can access directly to Internet, only through Proxy Server. The client doesn't work, because is impossible configure a proxy server to go to internet.
    The is a reason to use a proxy server in a 2X application Server Client.

    Thank you
  4. nixu

    nixu Guest

    Poxy support will be available in the future.

  5. willpower

    willpower Guest

    Has proxy support been added to the client as of yet?
  6. Has proxy support been added to the client as of yet?

    I agree with this. I cannot access my 2x server as the client needs to use the IE proxy settings to get out.

    I can access (to a different server) OWA using SSL in internet explorer, but any attempt to use the client using SSL fails with "the remote 2x application server cannot be found".

    I can access the server from other sites fine.

    Please, please add this support.

  7. nixu

    nixu Guest

    Proxy support is not available.
  8. Thanks Nixu for your kind words (and stating the obvious). Since the topic of the thread is a request for proxy support, do you know if and when this is likely to happen?

  9. nixu

    nixu Guest

    This feature is in the pipeline but there is no time frame when such feature will be implemented.

  10. Thanks for the update. At least we know you know about it.

  11. maxlyth

    maxlyth Guest

    You can use 2x with SSL-Explorer to support proxy traversal

    While you are waiting for proxy support from 2x you could always try using 2x with SSL-Explorer from 3sp (it's open source). It downloads a Java agent that starts a tunnel which can then be used to connect direct to 2x.

    We wrote an extension for SSL-Explorer that downloads the 2x client and then launches with the correct auth and net details so you can have a URL that starts an app via 2x even over a proxy.

  12. MortenH

    MortenH Guest

    I've installed the SSL Explorer too and made 2X pass through the proxy server. It's bit too much for the user having to log in twice. Did you solve tihs with your extension and is it possible that you can make it available?
  13. spjohnson

    spjohnson Guest

    Do you have any advice for using SSL-Explorer? Is this installed on the client side, the server side or both?
  14. MortenH

    MortenH Guest

    ssl explorer and proxy support

    You have two ways of using the SSL explorer to give access to your 2x server.

    Method 2 is a bit more troublesome and I didn't get it fully working due to a bug in SSL Explorer. Just let me know if you want a copy of my extension.

    1) For your AD user account you also associate an SSL tunnel in the SSL explorer. For example if your internal server IP is then you configure an SSL tunnel from localhost:4000 to, where localhost is on the client. The client will then configure the 2X client to connect to localhost on port 4000 and it will tunnel through to your server bypassing the firewall/proxy.

    2) The other way you can configure an SSL Explorer extension. I cannot recommend this due to a limitation in the 2x client (or my knowledge ;) ). It cannot accept the user, password, server and so on passed on the command line, instead it must be written to an XML file. This file will then be left on the client in a cache directory.

  15. spjohnson

    spjohnson Guest

    Any news on the timeline for 2X proxy support? My users are more and more often seeing this feature as a necessary requirement and have begun to request that we switch to using Citrix, which does offer this feature.
  16. jvandenbroek

    jvandenbroek Guest

    Re: ssl explorer and proxy support

    Fortunately, this is not true. See this topic:

    But to stay on-topic, my customers requested proxy support as well and I was wondering either if or when this will be included?
  17. Impuls

    Impuls Guest

    Could you guys explain me the situation a bit more detailed.

    isa server (proxy)

    Where is the 2x gateway and the terminal servers ?

    All traffic is going thru proxy ?

    Which are the settings of the clients (primary server / backup server)

    Which are the port settings.

    May I can help...

    B. Lagace
  18. jvandenbroek

    jvandenbroek Guest

    It's easy to understand. Assume you're behind a company's webproxy which allows you to browse the web (both http and https). This one has to be set manually (so it's not transparent) to work. Often it's impossible to open a direct port in the firewall, thus tunneling through a webproxy would be very useful. The best way is to get the proxy settings from Internet Explorer with the possibility to override this if necessary.

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