Request to Implement an AppleScript to PowerShell Bridge in Parallels

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    It would be amazing if Parallels provided the ability to invoke PowerShell scripts in Windows through the Parallels application via AppleScript control on the Mac by implementing an AppleScript to PowerShell bridge in Parallels.

    The PowerShell scripts would be authored in the Windows environment by the user ahead of time and, naturally, the responsibility for the PowerShell scripts would lie with the user that authored them.

    Taking it a step further, imagine if Parallels implemented a library of routines to provide common Windows administration tasks as vocabulary in a Parallels AppleScript Dictionary, and then translated that functionality to a series of PowerShell scripts. Imagine being able to access text and results from a PowerShell function that could be passed over the bridge back to the calling AppleScript. Apple and Microsoft have already done most of the heavy lifting by providing AppleScript and PowerShell - Parallels would just have to leverage them.

    Of course, Parallels doesn't even support AppleScript at this time, so that mountain would have to be climbed first. Then the engineering team would have to work out the logistics of implementing bridge functionality, permissions, returning results from the PowerShell, etc. - I don't pretend to know the details.

    It wouldn't be easy, but it would be phenomenal, and a real differentiator in terms of product functionality and technical leadership. I hope Parallels will consider it.

    More information can be found on making applications AppleScriptable in this link.
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