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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by pastrychef, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. pastrychef


    I have a Mac Pro with 5GB RAM. I have assigned 1.5GB to my Windows XP VM. By default, the "Reserved Memory Limit" was set to 4392MB.

    Under the Memory tab in Preferences, what should my "Reserved Memory Limit" be? Whatever is written in the window is extremely cryptic to me...

    Thanks in advance.
  2. BenInBlack


    ok you can have multiple parallel guest VMs open at the same time. and each VM will use from the Reserved memory pool as you set it.

    note: Parallels uses 90meg

    so let say you have 3 vm running at the same time and they are set to use 512 meg each

    and you say that this is all i will have open at any one time


    so you set your reserved to 1650 (rounding for just incase)

    now when you open the 1st instance of parallels it grabs the memory amount out of system memory you set in reserved setting. event though you only have 1 vm open.

    in your case having the reserved set to 4392 is way to high, if your using 1.5gig for XP, then add 90 meg to that and you hve like 1590, so let say you set it to 1600 for nice round number

    hope this helps clear up what reserved memory is.

    Now, seeing that your rich can you send me one of them honkin' 5gig pro machines, LOL
  3. pastrychef


    Thank you very much for the great explaination. As I said, the description in the window was extremely poorly written.

    As for being rich... Not really... I'll be in debt for a long time due to this machine, but it was something I really, really, really wanted... :)

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