Resizing VM-HardDisk not posible

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by diwa, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. diwa

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    I have a Win 7 HDD running under parallels 14 on my iMac.
    Since I need additional space, I tried to resize the VMs HDD.
    But this fails. I get the Message "Properties of this HDD cound not be changed because there are one or more snapshots".
    If I go to "Snapshot", there are none!
    But f I go to the first tab in Settings ("Allgemein" in German), the size of my HDD is shown with 250GB (it shoud be 80) an about 200 GB of this are in light blue - meaning "Snapshots".

    So something seems to be wrong here!

    Any way to clean this up?


  2. diwa

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    I was following the instructions at - and now the HDD ist shown with about 120GB - but still with a 6GB snapshot.
    But now I am able to resize the disk...
  3. KebhaK@Parallels

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    Hi @diwa , Please make sure you have a back up of your Windows virtual machine in an external drive and follow steps in this article to merge the snapshots which will decrease your virtual machine size.

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