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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by TungaK, Feb 4, 2013.

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    I am a new Macbook Pro Retina user and would like to ask a question. I run Windows 8 using the very last version of Parallels. I am not happy with the DPI adjustment of Windows 8. Some parts of the windows of Windows 8 programs appear too small or distracted. For example, the menu bar of the Microsoft Office package appear too big or the tabs of Internet explorer 9 appear too small. I use the "best for retina" resolution and let Parallels automatically adjust the resolution and DPI settings. I actually tried some other resolution and DPI combinations but nothing really helps. In either of the many cases the windows programs look sick. Any suggestions for overcoming DPI problems on a Mac running Windows 8?

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    I totally concur with TungaK. I am an old Parallels user who has just purchased a retina display MacBookPro and am using it as a financial workstation with Windows 7. I am getting programs that have fonts just way to small. Been trying various methods. Went to Windows Control panel to change the display resolution, but with the settings I have, (?, Auto scaling to fit) it always kept it at approximately 2476x1516 no matter what I try to change the setting to. I am really disappointed with this and if I cannot get the retina display working in Windows, I am getting rid of this MacBookPro. Further, on some of the programs, parts of the display are truncated at the bottom; i.e.. like one cannot see the lower half of the work.
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    These are problems with the particular Windows programs you are using, not Parallels.
    (On Mac, when a program doesn't support high DPI, it becomes pixellated. On Windows, parts of it become tiny and things are cut off.)
    If the programs you use don't support high DPI, either consider finding alternatives or set Parallels scaling to "More space" and set your Windows desktop resolution to something lower like 1680x1050.
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    Actually, there is another very good thread on this topic in which I figured out how to set the Parallel's parameters so that the Window's screen resolution did not readjust back to a 2476x1516. I am not exactly sure what what the deciding setting, but under Virtual Device/Configuration/Options/Full Screen, the "Use Mac OSx Full Screen" is selected and no other box on this page is selected. "Scale to fit screen" is set to "Stretch" which may be the deciding feature. Under Virtual Device/Configuration/Hardware "Resolution" is set to "scaled."......In Windows 7, Control Panel/Appearance and Personalization/Display screen is set to small (100%) and under "change display settings"/Screen Resolution is now set at 1327x770 and it stays there. Now the other programs are of the appropriate seize in Windows.

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