Return Chromium as Virtual Appliance Option

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by TroyS2, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. TroyS2

    TroyS2 Bit poster

    I am very dissapointed that I upgrade to this new version. Is so doing, I lost the ability to install easily install Chrome OS through the control center. Please return the feature or I will be forced to move on to another VM that makes it easier to install it.
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  2. BrendanM1

    BrendanM1 Bit poster

    Please Return Chrome OS as Virtual Appliance Option! I am an IT support technician working for a School District and not having to drag multiple Chromebooks with me for testing would be very helpful.
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  3. Michael@Parallels

    Michael@Parallels Parallels Support

    We've submitted a feature request for our development team. Probably, Chome OS will reappear in one of the next Parallels Desktop versions. Thanks for your concern!
  4. ArtT1

    ArtT1 Bit poster

    I just paid $50 to upgrade to Parallels 15, and was shocked to find that I paid for LESS functionality with the loss of Chrome OS. Add my vote to have this feature reinstated, AND don't charge us again to get it back.
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  5. Stewart Midwinter

    Stewart Midwinter Bit poster

    I also would like to see the return of a Chome OS VM.
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  6. R.T.

    R.T. Bit poster

    I've been searching for weeks online for a solution. Even the old Chrome OS VMs from ex-versions of Parallels (eg 11) dont work anymore! What a bummer. Parallels better introduce it before I go back to VMware Fusion. The ONE and ONLY reason Im still with Parallels is due to the fact they support Mac OS X guests with full-screen/retina display. Only bad part of VMware.
  7. RainerS1

    RainerS1 Member

    ChromeOS popularity is constantly rising. And they're including AndroidApp and Local Linux support. I believe it'll become a very popular OS over time...
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  8. AngusC1

    AngusC1 Bit poster

    Do we have an update for when this will be available? Can yuo provide an image file that we can use (private download link from within the Forum if you must) so that we don't have to wait for another update to the Parallels for Mac client. I need one now to be able to help someone out with an issue and as is stated above this is likely to be a much more frequent need with the increased use of Chromebooks for people working at home...
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  9. BrandonS8

    BrandonS8 Bit poster

    I would like to see this as well.
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  10. GrayMatter

    GrayMatter Member

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  11. Beijder

    Beijder Bit poster

    Please bring back Chrome OS into Parallels...
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  12. NicholasB4

    NicholasB4 Bit poster

    Well it is September 2020, and as far as I can see it is still not available, I need for helping students with Chromebooks, I am so not going to renew with you again, unless this is fixed in a month
  13. idmsguru

    idmsguru Bit poster

    You're not the only one. I cut over from Fusion because either way I have to upgrade to support Big Sur and Parallels has supposedly improved so much. I could not port my existing Chromium VM from fusion. It was bad enough I had to get new Windows licenses. It's not there in version 16 and it's annoying.
  14. jadew2

    jadew2 Bit poster

    I lost the capacity to introduce effectively introduce Chrome OS through the control place. Kindly return the element or I will be compelled to proceed onward to another VM that makes it simpler to introduce it
  15. AndrewJ4

    AndrewJ4 Bit poster

    We are a year down the line. Still no installer option via the app.
    Have you an installer you can point us at, as Google are not great at supplying a disk image either.
  16. JamesF23

    JamesF23 Junior Member

    ;) It would be interesting to see how bad ChromeOS is to run it has a virtual machine.

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