Reverse scroll for touchpad on win 11

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by OlaS1, Jun 4, 2024.

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    I run a Windows 11 Pro machine on Parallels Desktop Pro Edition v 19.4.0 (54962) and my host is a Macbook Pro M1 running macOS Sonoma 14.5. I have searched the forum on this topic and it seems to be an issue popping every now and then, but the solutions suggested doesn't help me. I have tried turning off/on natural scrolling on the host and I have modified the key registry entry in Win for the virtual HID device acting mouse device but this doesn't help either. Anyone has a clue if this is to be reported as a bug or if there is a solution for the latest install conditions differing from earlier measures? Over time low-level interfaces might change in ways we might not always expect.


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