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    Aloha all,

    I am facing a decision on buying a new computer. My primary use for this machine is REVIT. I wonder if any of you out there are experiencing blissful times or indeed problems associated with a mac similar to the latest imac w/ 32GIG RAM and the best video card mac can come up with. I see from the specs that they have gone away from NVIDEA which is what Autodesk recommends. I think they are using AMD brand.

    Currently i am running on a 2009 imac w/ only 8 GIG RAM and clearly the hard-drives are faster now. Only recently did i discover a brilliant review by Mervin Christopher which enabled me to up my RAM allocation to 4GB, and the use of processors to (2) from the previous (1) GIG OF RAM and (1) Processor. The results have been stunning. . . REVIT now opens in a matter of 10-20 seconds vs the occasional 45 minute hellacious torture after crashes.

    So i am hoping to hear from you the legions (ever optimistic) of people who actually use REVIT a lot and do not see problems. I used to have to wait a long time for the materials palette to open up and it would get terribly sluggish (as if the video graphics card was being overwhelmed - or maybe it was accessing the hard drive that was the problem - dunno). At any rate things are much faster now. But i need to do a lot of REVIT work and on bigger models. So i am wondering if i do go the imac/parallels 11 route (currently i am parallels 8 and windows 8). Will it be quick and capable.

    The other route is to get a PC with the appropriate specs (including the 32G RAM). But i find windows like gum under my shoes and being a surfer i hate wearing shoes in general anyway. So i would prefer to stay on the side of the light. . . But if i must then i must. Also i would wonder how your parallels experience equates with running it in bootcamp.

    My process involves a lot of cut-n-paste from Clients/ and Engineers via email which i turn into text edit docs and then make sheet notes <one day i will get keynote manager properly setup> but for now i like being in the Parallels environs - tho i would surely test out bootcamp. For now i didn't set my partition big enough to run bootcamp properly so i have never been able to test it. . .

    All thoughts on the matter of REViT greatly appreciated. The purchase will be soon.


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