RHEL WS 4.3 hang after install

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by nicecuppa, Jul 4, 2007.

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    I installed RHEL WS 4.3 but upon rebooting in order to configure it hangs after:

    "Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel."

    This also occured when I tried to install RHEL ES 4.4.

    I have also had problems intalling Fedora Core 5.

    Are there any versions of Linux that actually work with Parallels? I have spend 2.5 days so far and the only one that works is RHEL ES 5 but I can't get the screen resolution to work correctly.

    Any help/advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. nicecuppa

    nicecuppa Junior Member

  3. itsdapead

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    The impression I get is that most versions of Linux will work with parallels with a bit of perststence, but few, if any, work flawlessly "out of the box".

    Graphical boot-up screens seem to be a particular problem, so you'll often get a blank screen until the XServer kicks in (which maked diagnosing other problems a pain). Turning these off by editing your kernel boot parameters helps.

    Fedora 7 stuffs up the initial XServer configuration - but if you can get to a console and install the parallels tools it goes.

    I haven't seen the CD-ROM recognition (that forces you to switch to solaris) problem, and FC7 seems happy with the SMP kernel - so Your Mileage May Vary. Perhaps it depends on Mac model/ram config (MacPro, 3G)? Also, I always use the "alternative" CD for Ubuntu.

    Parallels Desktop + Linux clearly isn't quite ready for the big time.

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