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    I cannot get my right mouse click to work in Windows and it's driving me crazy! I've tried the shortcuts (ctrl + shift + click) and it still doesn't work. I'm dead in the water without being able to right click. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a brand new MacBook with 2.16 processor and I'm running Windows XP. I am using the trackpad located in the MacBook.
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  2. Purplish

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    You need to enable the right mouse click on the Mac and then it will work in Windows, too.

    Systems Preferences/Keyboard and Mouse/Mouse. If your are right-handed, set up left mouse button as primary button and right mouse button as secondary button.
    Once you have done this (and if Parallels Tools is installed) it will work.
  3. Hugh Watkins

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    I just use a Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse
    track pads make my hand hurt after many hours

    and an old dell PS 2 keyboard with an adapter to usb

    Hugh W

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