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    Hello there
    I am using the RAS client (version--x64-19.2.23974). I also have a 2xc file. What I am trying to achieve is to run the parallels client through cmd using the 2xc settings file and also with some default connections settings.
    How we use it right now - We first import the 2xc file from the import settings and then from the left connections panel we open a connection and then it takes us to the other connection where we again select an option and then it opens the final application. We need to do all of this from command prompt using the arguments.
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    You can import a 2xc file by using the "-importsettings" argument.
    If you want to start a connection, it can be a bit trickier. Try creating a shortcut for the published application in question.
    The officially documented arguments are here: If you find something missing report it to Parallels Support.
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