Running 10.7 Lion as guest

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by Michael Savory, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. McNitefly

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    Yes! Lion as Guest OS - coming soon?

    Hey sporty guy,
    thanks for yourpost - that's good news. I was already trying everything I could to get Lion working as a guest OS ... now that explains why it didn't work ;-)

    Did you follow that fellow from parallels? Does he really seem to be from the company?

    Thanks & best regards,

  2. jbbankshot

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    Any ETA on what "Soon" is?
  3. ct2193

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    Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Server

    According to Apple, I must install 10.7 Client and then install the 10.7 Server package on top of it. As of today (2011.OCT.10) I freshly updated Parallels 6 and my installation of Mac OS X 10.7 Client WILL NOT INSTALL due to whatever Parallels implemented restrictions exist about non-server installations. I get that Apple says that they don't want you to run Client in a VM, but Apple REQUIRES you to install 10.7 Client FIRST in order to install Server.

    I need some answers from someone with hard facts about how I am to get 10.7 Server installed into Parallels without some trashy hack job to do so. If Parallels can detect that I am or am not running Server, then why not something that detects and makes you reboot after a few hours or something. Something that impairs your ability to run Client, yet enough to get through the install so you can install Server - which is expected to work without interruption once installed.
  4. MerylS

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    Really I'm interested to induce Lion running as guest. If there is any likelihood- conjointly as beta tester.. Thanks.

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