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  1. Jsvaldivia


    Good morning, I am new user of your program and I have a question about the execution of a file [.bat]. I used Windows commonly in a building program called "CYPE engineers" which license is expensive and difficult to achieve for a student. The program is easy as most parcheable in a Windows environment by copying two files (one .exe, and another .bat).

    Well, I recently bought a macbook pro and installed the software parallels with the hope that this program works.

    The installation is perfect, but at the time of executing the file .bat, instead of msdos run as an application, the file runs as a Wordpad file, and i can't crack the installation.

    Remember I am using this program in a windows environment using parallels mac because I have mac OS lion.

    I would be very grateful if you could clarify this doubt.

    I take this opportunity to send a greeting, thank you very much, Javier.
  2. Stuw

    Stuw Parallels Developers

    Hi Javier,

    you can try to execute .bat file from command prompt:
    %ComSpec% /c your.bat

    Also loooks like you have incorrect association for .bat files.
    (from tomshardware forum)
  3. Jsvaldivia


    Thanks for your reply.

    At the end the solution was very easy. The problem was that I was trying to execute the .bat file from mac environment, and this os can't read .bat files, even when I have the parallel activated. Then, I went to the windows desk (from parallel) and then the .bat file could be executed by msdos. I thought that having parallel activated the mac system could recognize these type of file and run in msdos os FROM THE MAC DESK.

    Perhaps you can think that was an easy problem, but I am very rookie on parallels.

    Thanks again.

    Regards, Javier.

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