Running on a 5k display and using RDP

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by jdxjohn, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. jdxjohn

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    I am looking to upgrade my Mac Mini and considering the 27" iMac. But I know historically Windows was placing catchup with super-high resolution screens - DPI wasn't wonderful, etc.
    And I also do a lot of work remotely on other Windows PCs using Remote Desktop. Which adds another layer of configuration, and the target machine might still be on W7 or an older Windows Server version.
    Even if RDP supports 5k/DPI perfectly (?) won't this put a lot more strain on the connection to send all the data for a 5k screen? And surely most older Windows machines don't support 5k anyway, so how would this work in practice?

    I would feel pretty stupid if I bought a machine that made it worse to do this stuff!
  2. EugeneLH

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    I've been running RDP from within a Parallels Windows VM on a MacBook Pro 16 with LG 5K external display. It works fine, even at full resolution. If you don't need to run the remote desktop from within Windows, however, I think it's marginally preferable to just use the native Mac OS remote desktop app from Microsoft.

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